Real-time web applications with Node.js
Node.js is a powerful platform. It allows to write serve-side Javascript applications, making use of the language’s syntax familiarity to write scalable applications.
As Node.js makes use of an object-oriented model and events, focussed in non-blocking I/O, developing on it may be different to whom is used to traditional web applications. In this book, Caio Ribeiro Pereira breaks this wall, clearly showing this paradigm change, besides focusing in importante topics, the main API’s and frameworks as Express and Socket.IO

Meteor – Criando aplicações web real-time com JavaScript

JavaScript is nowadays a real choice for building server-side applications. Work with the same front-end language is a great advantage too. There are a lot of full-stack web frameworks, but Meteor is one that stand out.
In this book, you will learn how to create a real-time social network, exploring the main native components of Meteor.
Technically, you will learn how to build amazing templates using Handlebars, how to use Facebook API for sign-in and sign-up users, how to persist data into NoSQL MongoDB and how to develop an application using advanced concepts of reactive programming and Meteor PubSub.